Berlin Fashion Week moves to Frankfurt – News

First headlines about the move of Berlin Fashion Week to Frankfurt am Main! This headline “shocked” many this morning. In the evening it was on all news tickers, from Promiflash to ZDF and Euronews. Here on FW Frankfurt you will find all updates and news about the move of the Fashion Week.

And thus provincialism triumphs in Berlin – Welt

The important Berlin fashion fairs are moving to the economically strong Frankfurt, Berlin seems to be buried as a fashion city. Is this the end of Fashion Week? Would that be a bad thing? At least this self-deprecation would fit the Berlin Senate’s concept.

“I’m stunned and I think it’s insanely stupid”.

says fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski.

Berlin Fashion Week becomes Frankfurt Fashion Week – Manager Magazin

The fashion trade fair Fashion Week, which was previously located in Berlin, will move to Frankfurt next year. This was announced by the organizer Premium Group on Monday. The new Frankfurt Fashion Week is to be held for the first time in the summer of 2021.

Fashionable on the Main

Banks and stock exchange, skyscrapers and Ebbelwoi: That’s what Frankfurt has been known for until now. Now it is becoming a city of fashion. But will the internationally renowned labels also come to Hessen?

Frankfurt snatches fashion trade fair away from Berlin – Bild

It is clear that our city is a first-class trade fair metropolis. But now Frankfurt is going one better, becoming a fashion hub!

Because: The financial stronghold grabs the cash cow of the “Berlin Fashion Week”: the “Premium” trade fair, Europe’s most relevant business platform for women’s and men’s fashion.

Fashion Week moves from the Spree to the Main – ZDF

Fashion Week is moving from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main. The fashion fair, which was previously based in the German capital, will move in 2021. This was announced by the organizer Premium Group. The new Frankfurt Fashion Week is to be held for the first time next summer. After that, it will be held twice a year, in January and July, according to the city.

Frankfurt’s mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) is pleased:

This will make the business metropolis of Frankfurt the new hotspot of the fashion and lifestyle scene and the new international fashion metropolis.

Fashion Week has most recently taken place twice a year. The last time the fashion week took place in January in Berlin, around 70,000 visitors were expected. There are always numerous designers who show their new designs.

Bye, Bye Berlin: Fashion Week trade fair moves to Frankfurt – RTL

A central event of Berlin Fashion Week is moving to Frankfurt, and the city is losing one of its most famous trade fairs – and some of its glamour. From next summer, the Premium trade fair, one of the key events of Berlin Fashion Week, will be held in Frankfurt, the Premium Group announced on Monday. “Fashion Week and the Fashion Week format will have to be rethought,” said managing director Anita Tillmann. Frankfurt is “a new, unused location”.

Frankfurt takes over Fashion Week: Bye Berlin – CM

Today it was all over the news tickers, from Instagram to the TV news. Fashion Week was as much a part of Berlin as the currywurst. But times are changing, Berlin has invested less and less in hosting Fashion Week in recent years. The fashion fair attracted over 200,000 trade visitors to the capital in one week. These brought the fashion industry a total turnover of (depending on the estimate) 120 to 240 million euros in sales out. The turnover is generated by orders placed at the fashion fair, through to restaurant visits and hotel stays in Berlin.

What’s next for January 2021? – Vogue

Berlin Fashion Week has been held twice a year in the German capital since July 2007. If the Corona crisis hadn’t intervened, thousands of fashion industry workers would once again be making their way to the beginning of July to view the new collections for spring/summer 2021 in runway shows, presentations and trade fairs.

What the Premium’s move means – Harper’s Bazaar

“Unveiling the Unexpected” is the Premium Group’s latest coup – and at least with this statement it is right. On 8 June, the organiser of the Premium trade fair together with Messe Frankfurt, the organiser of the Neonyt trade fair, announced that both events will be held in Frankfurt am Main from summer 2021. This means that Berlin will lose its important position as a trade fair location.

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