Berlin Fashion Week moves to Frankfurt – News

First headlines about the move of Berlin Fashion Week to Frankfurt am Main! This headline “shocked” many this morning. In the evening it was on all news tickers, from Promiflash to ZDF and Euronews. Here on FW Frankfurt you will find all updates and news about the move of the Fashion Week.

And with that, provincialism triumphs in Berlin – Welt“I’m stunned and I think it’s insanely stupid”.

says fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski.

  • World

    Berlin Fashion Week becomes Frankfurt Fashion Week – Manager Magazin

  • Manager Magazine

    Fashionable on the Main

  • Süddeutsche Zeitung

    Frankfurt snatches fashion trade fair away from Berlin – Bild

  • Image

    Fashion Week moves from the Spree to the Main – ZDFThis will make the business metropolis of Frankfurt the new hotspot of the fashion and lifestyle scene and the new international fashion metropolis.

    Fashion Week has most recently taken place twice a year. The last time the fashion week took place in January in Berlin, around 70,000 visitors were expected. There are always numerous designers who show their new designs.

    • ZDF

      Bye, Bye Berlin: Fashion Week trade fair moves to Frankfurt – RTL

    • RTL

      Frankfurt takes over Fashion Week: Bye Berlin – CM

    • Cocaine Models

      What’s next for January 2021? – Vogue

    • Vogue

      What the Premium’s move means – Harper’s Bazaar

    • Harper’s Bazaar
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