Donatella Versace Interview: Brother Gianni, Life, Michael Kors – New York Times

Donatella Versace, who became head designer after her brother Gianni was murdered, talks to Vanessa Friedman (New York Times) about how her Milan office reflects her deep loss and pain while inspiring her to not only keep Versace alive, she’s bringing Versace into the modern age and the new 20s. After his death, she moved the brand forward. Today, Versace holds more than 1500 boutiques worldwide. In 2018, Michael Kors joined the company and bought $2.12 billion worth of stock, so Donatella continues to be the lead creative director.

Interview: Donatella VersaceVersace is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Behind the brand is Donatella Versace. We sat down with her and she talks about her life and the company.

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