Ellen DeGeneres as a model! Backstage at the New York Fashion Week

The American started out modestly. After high school, she initially kept her head above water with odd jobs and earned her money as a vacuum cleaner saleswoman. At the beginning of the 80s, Ellen took her first step towards the stage: as a stand-up comedian, she toured numerous small clubs. She had a dream: she wanted to be the first female comedian to appear on Johnny Carson’s ‘Tonight Show’.

Ellen DeGeneres had great success as a stand-up comedian before appearing on her own sitcom, Ellen. In 1997, she came out as gay and became a staunch advocate for LGBTQ rights. In 2003, she began hosting her own award-winning talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and in 2008, she married her girlfriend Portia de Rossi.

Ellen DeGeneres as a model: fashion show

Ellen strutted her stuff on FW and became a model for designer Richie Rich’s runway show at New York Fashion Week!

Richie Rich

Richard J. Eichhorn, better known by his stage name Richie Rich, is an American fashion designer, celebrity, television star, figure skater and singer who organized a runway show for New York Fashion Week.

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