Kendall Jenner Backstage: Vogue Interview @ Paris Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner – She herself is a model at the Fashion Week for Chanel, how she finds peace in the process, she explains in the interview. Kendall enjoys the peace and quiet in her hotel after a long, stressful day working as a model, where she comes into contact with numerous people. Kendall Jenner first came into contact with modeling as a 13-year-old girl. She was then signed to a huge agency for the first time in Los Angeles. When she was 17, she then traveled to New York for the first time with her mother and manager. The first show Jenner walked for was for the world famous designer Marc Jacobs, she didn’t tell anyone about it. She is in close contact with numerous designers and gets a huge advantage in the fashion industry because of her family, the Kardashian-Jenners. She describes life as a model like being on an airplane – always on the go. She always dreamed of being a model for Chanel Fashion Week, now she gets to rock the catwalk for Chanel every season!

Vogue Paris accompanies Kendall Jenner for Chanel

One of the most successful models in the world and a family member of the Kardashian clan: Kendall Jenner. Vogue Paris interviews her about life as a model on the world’s biggest catwalks:

Kendall Jenner: Inside New York Fashion Week

In New York, thousands of people gather every year on two different weeks for the New York Fashion Week that takes place there. On the sidelines of the catwalk you will find stars and starlets, important insiders from the fashion business and of course hundreds of models behind the scenes and on the runway.

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