Irina Shayk Interview: MarcCain Fashion Show @ Berlin Fashion Week

Irina Shayk – Berlin Fashion takes place twice a year, in spring/summer and autumn/winter. The most famous models worldwide are present, among them Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk. She was interviewed exclusively by MarcCain and revealed some explosive secrets. She describes MarcCain’s new winter collection as very colorful. She describes the MarcCain fashion brand as […]

Robert Pattinson in Vogue interview: Dior Men’s Fashion Fashion Week Paris

Robert Pattinson – The Paris Fashion Week takes place twice a year. This is especially significant when it comes to women’s fashion, but the at least equally important is the men’s Fashion Week. The non-existent separation in recent years set a great change in the fashion world. This year Robert Pattinson is attending Paris Fashion […]

Rita Ora @ London Fashion Week: Front Row Interview

Rita Ora – In the British capital London the London Fashion Week takes place twice a year. During this numerous designers have the possibility to present their collections for spring and summer as well as autumn and winter. Celebrities like Rita Ora or Naomi Campbell are present. Influencers are also present, usually sitting in the […]

Kendall Jenner: Keeping Up With The Kardashians Star Inside NYFW

Kendall Jenner – Every year, thousands of people converge on New York for two different weeks for New York Fashion Week, which takes place there. On the sidelines of the runway, you’ll find stars and starlets, key insiders from the fashion business, and of course hundreds of models behind the scenes and on the runway. […]

Anna Wintour Vogue Interview: Paris Fashion Week Highlights

She talks about the 2018 fashion season and describes fashion from Fashion Week in Paris as creative and powerful. Not only beautiful dresses but also the innovative ideas of the different designers came out on the catwalk, Anna Wintour especially raves about the Chanel Fashion Show. For her, Chanel’s runway felt very light and lively, […]

Gigi Hadid: 8 explosive questions from Vogue @ Paris Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid is interviewed by Vogue Paris about her life as a model. She reveals that she didn’t tell anyone about her appearance at Vogue Paris because she was too afraid something wouldn’t work out. She also reveals to viewers how she shoots the perfect selfie, saying she needs the perfect light and angle. She […]

Kendall Jenner Backstage: Vogue Interview @ Paris Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner – She herself is a model at the Fashion Week for Chanel, how she finds peace in the process, she explains in the interview. Kendall enjoys the peace and quiet in her hotel after a long, stressful day working as a model, where she comes into contact with numerous people. Kendall Jenner first […]

A$AP Rocky Vogue Paris Interview @ Dior Fashion Show

A$AP Rocky – From the fitting room to the front row at Dior Fashion Week. This is what everyday life is like for celebrities during Paris Fashion Week. A$AP Rocky is followed through the day by Vogue Paris. For A$AP, the most important thing about fashion is the impact it has on people. He wants […]

Bella Hadid Vogue Interview: Inside Model Life & Family

Bella Hadid – Interviewer Joe Sabia visits Bella Hadid very privately behind the scenes in her horse stable on behalf of Vogue. Among other things, she talks about her modeling career and what point she’s at in her life right now. She also mentions her latest obsession with chocolate and her passion for horseback riding. […]

Serena Williams Vogue Interview: Tennis Superstar @ New York Fashion Week

Serena Williams at the New York Fashion Week – twice a year the glamorous fashion show takes place in New York City and it’s all about fashion. There are both fashion for women, as well as men to see. An event full of stars, designers, models, celebrities and insiders from the fashion industry. Along with […]