Robert Pattinson in Vogue interview: Dior Men’s Fashion Fashion Week Paris

Robert Pattinson – The Paris Fashion Week takes place twice a year. This is especially significant when it comes to women’s fashion, but the at least equally important is the men’s Fashion Week. The non-existent separation in recent years set a great change in the fashion world. This year Robert Pattinson is attending Paris Fashion Week for men, Vogue Paris interviewed him about it. He sits as a celebrity in the front row of the fashion show, for Pattinson, Fashion Week is a huge boost as he meets new people and enjoys his break from the daily grind of being an actor. Before the show, he discusses the new formulation of Dior Homme perfume with François Demachy, the perfumer. He is the face of the perfume’s campaign for Dior.

Vogue Paris accompanies Robert Pattinson

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is a British actor, known for Harry Potter or Twilight among others. Vogue Paris interviewed Robert Pattinson and accompanied him 24 hours in the daily life of Dior Fashion Week.

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