Serena Williams Vogue Interview: Tennis Superstar @ New York Fashion Week

Serena Williams at the New York Fashion Week – twice a year the glamorous fashion show takes place in New York City and it’s all about fashion. There are both fashion for women, as well as men to see. An event full of stars, designers, models, celebrities and insiders from the fashion industry. Along with the Fashion Weeks in Milan, Paris and London, the New York Fashion Week is one of the “Big Four”, so it is one of the most viewed and best known events of its kind. Serena Williams, world superstar in tennis, will also be present. The 30-year-old professional athlete is considered the most successful player in today’s tennis and shows at the New York Fashion Week 2020 already her second collection.

Backstage: Serena Williams Fashion Show – New York

There is a lot of excitement and thrill behind the scenes of tennis star Serena Williams’ fashion show. Serena shows her first spring collection and is accompanied by Vogue, which got an exclusive look backstage with the professional athlete. In the video, Serena makes the final preparations for her show and gets ready to present her fashion – revealing insides and experiences from her life.

British Vogue: This is in Serena Williams’ bag

Professional athlete, mother and designer of her own collection, Serena Williams reveals everything she hides in her handbag. In the video, Serena shows British Vogue the contents of her Fendi bag and reveals some secrets and top secret tips about her life.

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